Rose and Pearl Rosary Card

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The Rosary Experience series honors the many types of rosaries we use in our devotions. This card features a delicate rose and pearl rosary on the front, and a full listing of the Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious, and Luminous Mysteries on the back. Each card comes with a Rosary Card carrier, or optionally upgrade to a full prayer booklet. Each set includes 10 Rosary Cards.

The Rosarium

The Rosary – or Rosarium in Latin – simply means "a garland of roses." The symbolism of the rose has a long history within Christian tradition and is frequently applied to Mary. For example, Dante refers to Mary as the "Rose in which the word of God became flesh" (Paradiso, 23:73-74). In many Latin hymns, Mary is referred to as "God's rose garden."

One early European legend tells the story of a monk who would weave a garland of roses or other flowers into crown or chaplet, which he would daily place on the head of an image of Our Lady. One day he became distressed that his tasks in the cloister left him little time to weave the roses, and a priest advised him that he could recite fifty Ave Maria prayers in place of the physical rose chaplets.

One day while traveling on an errand, the monk stopped in a forest to recite his fifty Ave Marias. Thieves spotted him kneeling in prayer and decided to rob him, but as they approached they saw a beautiful maiden standing by him. As the monk prayed, she took rosebuds from his lips and wove them into a garland. When it was complete, she placed the rose chaplet on her head and ascended to heaven.

The bandits were amazed and ran to the monk, but he knew nothing of the maiden. When the thieves explained what they had seen, they all knew they had been in the presence of the Holy Mother who was joyfully accepting the prayers as a rose chaplet.

The rosary pictured on this card weaves delicate roses onto a string of pearls in honor of Our Lady. It is a memento from the incredible Ave Maria Grotto in Cullman, AL, USA. The Grotto is home to a garden of amazing historical miniatures crafted by Brother Joseph Zoettle, a Benedictine monk of St. Bernard Abbey.

The Rosary Card

The credit card-sized rosary that can go anywhere and everywhere. Each card is made of 30-mil thick eco-friendly Teslin®, durable enough for any pocket, purse, or wallet. Please click here for an infographic explaining how to use the Rosary Card to pray your choice of devotions, from a single decade to the full five Mysteries.

As an option, you can also upgrade your order to include the Rosary Card prayer booklet. This guide includes The Apostles' Creed, Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, O My Jesus, and Hail Holy Queen, plus the Rosary Prayer and St. Michael Prayer. The booklet also contains a day-by-day reference guide to the Mysteries.