Coming Soon: New Projects

Our aspirational goal is to put a Rosary Card in every Catholic pocket, purse, and wallet. This is a massive mission, but we know that the way to accomplish it is to take just small, meaningful steps towards the goal. Every single purchase, every single social media like or share, and every shared story or recommendation helps make this goal a reality.

We are also hard at work to produce additional designs of the Rosary Card. Currently have two projects in Coming Soon mode, including two versions in Spanish and two versions dedicated to honoring members of America's Armed Forces.

 La Mision Americana

The highly requested versión en español project is underway to produce Rosary Cards and matching credit card-sized booklets in Spanish. The first series will include versions of two Rosary Card designs en español, along with printing and distribution of El Librito del Rosario, a pocket guide to the devotions of the Rosary.

 The Service Rosary Project

The Service Rosary Project is also underway for the production of Rosary Cards for members of America's armed forces. In addition to the Stars and Stripes series shown above, we are also designing cards remembering and honoring the original World War One Service Rosary. With our special partners, we are also brainstorming some additional ways to support both our troops and the chaplains who see to their spiritual needs. Please continue to check back for updates.