Infographic: How To Use the Rosary Card

Infographic: How To Use the Rosary Card

The credit card-sized Rosary Card is designed to be a highly portable version of a traditional Rosary and can be used to perform the same devotional practice anywhere and everywhere you go. Below is an In Brief version of how to use your Rosary Card.


The cyclical design of the Rosary Card means that you can pray a single decade or the full five Mysteries just by repeating the prayer sequence. In the descriptions below, the "Right" side is assumed to be the side with the "bead" design, as shown in the illustration above.

The top of the card is designated for Contemplation of the Mysteries and recitation of the Our Father prayer.

Along the right side of the card are ten "bead" designs. Moving your finger from top to bottom, recite one Hail Mary for each bead.

At the bottom of the card, recite the Glory Be prayer.

As you circle to the left side of the card, recite the O My Jesus prayer in accordance to the request by Our Lady during the Fatima appearances.

As you return to the top of the card, state the next Mystery and repeat the cycle until you have completed all five Mysteries.

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Learning More About the Rosary

There are many fantastic books and online guides to learning about the Rosary devotion and different ways to make it a daily part of your spiritual life. A couple of good starting points are Praying the Rosary Like Never Before by Edward Sri, Praying the Rosary with Pope Francis by the USCCB, and the comprehensive classic The Secret of the Rosary by St. Louis De Monfort.

There are also many ways to physically count the prayers, including traditional rosary beads, single-decade chaplets, bracelets, and even rosary rings. The Rosary Card is another option that can be readily available in your pocket, purse, or wallet -- anywhere and everywhere you go. 

The important part is not the tool, or the format, or length of the prayers, but rather the continual daily discipline to return to God through prayer and meditation. Just taking two and a half minutes out of your day -- the time it takes for one Our Father, ten Hail Marys, and one Glory Be -- can provide a moment of calm in your busy day and refocus your attention on the Divine. Giving God a bit of space in your schedule for praise and contemplation can change your day, and change your life.